On August 30 and 31st parts of the Circus Arts/Burnt Out Punks and groups from 6 other countries join their forces in a collboration and set up the largest outdoor show ever in the capital, Nuuk, of Greenland.

Three years ago Burnt Out Punks/Circus Arts initiated the network Circus Effects Network – CEN (WWW.CIRCUSEFFECTSNETWORK.ORG). A network focused on rigging and pyrotechnics as artforms in stage performances.  Together with groups from 6 other european countries (Norway, Finland, Iceland, Spain, Greenland and Denmark) we now create a magnificent site-specific performance in the Colonial Harbour in Nuuk on Greenland. The National Theatre (NUNATTA ISIGINNAARTITSISARFIA) are our hosts. It is a show where circus, fire and ice meets inuit mask/drum dance, history and mythology. With more than 20 proffesional and 50 local amateurs and a brass band on stage!